Introduction to this Blog

Welcome to Of Puppies and Perseverance.  My hope is that this blog will be entertaining for people, along with informative for those looking for someone who is or has a loved one suffering from an undiagnosed chronic illness.

As James and I are finishing up our third year of marriage, I have begun wondering about the many wives (or husbands) that have a spouse with a chronic illness that they cannot understand, and that severely impacts and affects their lives. Oftentimes when that happens, it seems that no one understands what the spouse goes through, or how difficult it is for the wife to be watching her husband’s suffering. As a wife of such a person, I can say with all honesty that it is very difficult for me to be understanding of my husband’s suffering, but even more so when none of my, or his family, understand, as much as they may try. And, oftentimes it feels like I am alone with no one who understands my struggles as the wife of a man who is chronically ill. But then I can only imagine what it is like to be my husband, who is misunderstood, told ‘it’s all in [your] head’, or thought to be faking it to get out of work, responsibilities, etc.

So, I have created this blog in the hopes that someday, it may be a place where someone can have encouragement from a person who has been there. It’s not all going to be sad, depressing posts. I am going to talk about our three crazy dogs and the entertainment (and stress) that they bring to the household, the work we are doing on the house (and the mistakes we make along the way) along with different things – medicines and otherwise – that we have been trying for James, in the hopes that something finally helps, and that it may help someone else as well!

Therefore, read on – and thanks for visiting!



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